Q: How does Switchboard make money?

A: Currently, Switchboard collects 10% of support proceeds generated in order to cover expenses. We do not collect any fees on matched funds.

Q: How are the charities / causes chosen?

A: Charities are chosen by the experts on our platforms. These are normally well known charities that the experts have a passion for supporting and often times already support with their time and resources

Q: What if I just want to donate to the cause? 

A: While we'd love for everyone to be able to attend events hosted on Switchboard, that isn't required. If you'd like to donate through Switchboard to take advantage of matching funds, we highly encourage it!

If you'd like to support a cause directly, we'd suggest donating on their own pages to help minimize fees.

Q: Do I get to ask questions? 

Yes! we've structured the fireside chat with set topics but have left ample time for live Q&A. Ask a question beforehand with your donation or through email, or live - it's up to you!